Scientifically based
Activation of the Self-Healing Powers

Dear Friends of Health!

Especially in times of the unpredictable Corona virus, Medical Resonance Therapy Music® becomes an indispensable help for our health.

The Cosmic Harmony Laws
The Health Center of Nature

The targeted systematic and holistic dissolution of STRESS and activation of the self-healing powers permanently counteracts the escalation and proliferation of ever new dangers to health.

Here, in scientific medicine, so far only the harmony laws of nature have proven themselves, and especially their scientific application through sound.

With regard to our health, there is no way around these laws of harmony – as everywhere in creation.

Medical Resonance Therapy Music®
scientifically objective

Therefore, in our present time of extraordinary STRESS, our health maintenance and regeneration processes urgently need qualified orientation and support through the targeted and systematic holistic activation of the laws of harmony in all aspects of our lives.

Therefore Medical Resonance Therapy Music®.

With best wishes

Your Natural Health Team

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